Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016

Happy 4th! my last 4th of july on the on the mission! We had an amazing lunch at Presidents house for the highest baptizing pairs! It was a feast and made me feel right at home. I´m so grateful for my country and the people who sacrificed everything. I´m proud to be an American.        

    I had a very spiritual experience this week with Elder Batista. We were having a meeting with President when a woman from the church called and  asked if we could give a blessing to someone. I grabbed Elder Batista and we went to give the blessing. The woman led us to a lady who was sitting with her eyes closed. She was having a migraine and body pains. She isn´t a member so we quickly explained how a blessing works and we gave her one. Then we quickly returned to our meeting. In the meeting the woman called us again into the the room where the sick person was. As we entered she asked what did you guys do? How did you guys do that? I´m trying to find the pains in my body but I´m feeling absolutely nothing. The second you took your hands off my head the pains I was feeling left.

   At that moment I felt the spirit so strongly. We explained to her that today in the world exists the power of the priesthood and it has the power to cure people. I have already been blessed to be apart of a few experiences where the priesthood cured someone but I have never had seen it happen so quickly. We were able to get her address and give it to the missionaries where she lives. Every time I see a miracle like this my testimony continues to grow. I´m so grateful for the restored priesthood power and the faith we can put in Jesus Christ. This was a very special event for me.

       Saturday night came around and our last visit had just barely cancelled on us. Being in a very traditional neighborhood we didn´t dare knock on doors because of recent failures. After calling a few people and nothing going right, I felt a little discouraged. Saturday is the most important day of the week to confirm people to go to church, but it seem like the day was already over. I´m not going to lie, the thought of just closing the day up and going home passed through my head. But with the spirit of fasting and prayer we received help from our Father in Heaven. We visited a person that we had lost contact with because he was never at home. But on this occasion we found him at home with his cousin! We left a powerful message and invited them to church. Then the next day they walked in alone and loved every second of church! Imagine if we had given up and just gone home? Imagine if we weren´t worthy or hadn´t listened to the still small voice? These small things are what make the difference. The Lord is waiting to bless us when we are putting in everything we have. 

       Last bit of news of the week is that I bore my last testimony in sacrament meeting. I was feeling a weird numb sensation because it would be my last time. I remembered back to the first time I bore my testimony in Jardim Inga(my first area) I was super nervous and unaware of what journey I had ahead of me. I talked about how the mission really helped me put in order my priorities and goals. So grateful for this experience.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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