Monday, July 4, 2016

June 26, 2016

Well Ladies and gentlemen, I´m here again writing my weekly email as if it were yesterday. Trying to think back on the last few day it was all a blur. Time is really the most precious thing we have, it should be used is a constructional manner. So grateful for the people in my life that have help me try to live up every second. At time we think why didn´t I do that?

     Anyways, this week we went to Palmas and boy did I forget how hot it was. When we got there I felt like I was in sauna. It was so hot I felt like a hair dryer was blowing hot air in my face the entire time. I completely forgot how hot it was since it had been 1 year and 6 months since I left. I can´t believe that I made it up there for 6 months! Other than the weather it was amazing to return and visit the people I love so much. I was able see a few of the people I baptized and members that helped me with my mission. I was filled with joy see everyone strong and progressing in the gospel. The down side is that we stayed there for only 2 days and had to go by GOLon one of there old airplanes, I´m convinced tall people have the hardest time on airplanes haha.

     Since this week was the preparation for transfers and we were in another state; sadly we only had 2 days to work in our area. But the 2 day we worked we were able see varies miracles and meet alot of great people. Then on Sunday morning we had 8 investigators that went to church. It was awesome. Running around explaining the sacrament, teaching them how to use the hymn book, and introducing everyone to members. It was chaos at its finest. Love to when people are at church learning a feeling the spirit. Now we just need to help them get baptized!

   The last news of the week is that about 3 months ago we picked up the new missionaries at the airport. I talked to one elder for a good amount of time getting to know him. He is a 26 year old from the south, he is lawyer who was working at a big firm, and was a recent convert. He let everything go to serve a mission. Yesterday he was called to be the new executive secretary of the mission and will be will be living with us. Last night we were talking and we discovered he is dating Hannahs missions Presidents daughter!!! What a small world. He is amazing and will help the mission alot. Maybe in a few years i´ll be at their wedding.

 Well that is basically the highlight! thank you everyone for the emails and support!

Com amor,
Elder Seth

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