Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

Hey Everyone,

A lot has happened in the past 10 days and I don't have a lot of time to write. Sorry if I'm unable to respond to everyone individually. If you send me your address I will be able to send you a more in depth, and personal letter.
Last Wednesday we hit the streets of the heart of Sao Paulo to hand out copies of the book of Mormon. We each had 2 and we handed them out like hot cakes. The people here are so nice, Love Americans, and love God-Jesus. Its crazy how I was able to talk to random people about the church in Portuguese. The lord truly does work miracles.
Next we had Elder Holland come and speak to us last Thursday! It was amazing, he said so many inspiring things to me. Like the area you serve with be a area of your rebirth. He also talked about how every single of successes in life are connected to his mission. It made me feel a lot better about what I'm doing here in Brazil. Half way through his talk I was inspired to be a better district leader. I brought my district into a room and put a snickers bar on each of there desks. I said we need to step it up and learn this language. I said here is a snickers bar, were going on a english fast for the next 8 hours. If you don't say a single work of english you can keep it. Those 8 hours we learned so much about the language and ourselves. It was hard but so worth it to give up my stash of American candy.
My birthday this year was different to say the least. I was always so use to having 2 a days for football, jumping in the pool, going to capital grille with the boys and getting some sweet presents. This Birthday was great in a different way. I woke up and brushed my teeth came back and my bed was made. Then I would find notes every where from my friends. But my favorite part was when I was sitting next to a Elder at lunch. Elder Alva from Peru. He said Feliz Aniversario and handed me a candy bar he was clearly saving. It hit me so hard how someone with such little gave so much. for my birthday this year I learned gratitude. to really appreciate the little things in life.
Miss you guys a ton, I'm finally getting the swing of things around here. Don't send letters to the previous address I gave you guys because I'm out of the training center in 12 days!!! I let you know my new one. I love all of you guys thanks for you support.

Eu sei que esta Igreja é verdadeira é o trabalho que eu estou fazando é para senhor, eu oro para vocés cada dia.

(I know that this is the true church and the work I am doing is for the Lord. I pray for all you everyday)                                                          
Com Amor,

Elder Seth Andrew Neeleman

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