Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this was my último semana em CTM. this week flew by so fast, it was crazy. We have 2 Brazilians move into our room, what a blessing. First of all I love the people of Brasil. Love the teachers, the other staff members, and the other Brazilian Missionaries. Every night i sit down with Elder Juliani and we read O Livro de Mórmon together. I read in Portúgués and he helps me pounce words correctly and I help he with íngles. Verse by verse we do this. Its amazing how much 30 mins helps me. I pray for a great first companion in the field.
This sunday I said the sacramental prayer for the first time in Portúgués. I literally practiced 100 times because I wanted to make it perfect. It went surprisingly well, crazy how this work out if you put your mind to it.
My study focus this week was to memorize as many verbs in every tense as possible. Iv realized that the secret to this language is verbs. Once you understand the verbs everything works out. I just feel like there isn't enough time in a day. My idea of the day is that its a hour glass that seems to drain faster and faster each day.

I'm so close to finishing the O Livro de Mórmon in the CTM. I have around 50 pages left. Its amazing how much stuff you learn from the scriptures when you read, ponder, and pray about it. I just find myself wanting to read just one more chapter. Also, I have this weird addition where I just want knowledge. I want to study, read and learn everything. which takes me back to my only problem, time.

Sadly my favorite Elder left last Tuesday. elder Alva. I love that kid so much. When I said good bye he just started to cry. I hope I can have a heart like him some day. Although he is only 5 ft tall he has a heart twice the size of a normal person. Well I'm short on time per usual. Next time I talk to everyone I'll be in Brasilia slaying dragons.

Meu favorito escritura (my favorite scripture)
Eis que sou discípulo de Jesus Cristo, O Filho de Deua. Fui por ele chamado para anunciar sua palavra ao povo, afim de que tenham vida enterna.
3 Néfi 5:13

    I'm missing the little things back home, but I love the big picture idea of a mission and its purpose. I hope all is well, and I would love to hear from all of you.

                                                                      Com Amor,
                                                                   EElder Neeleman

I just spoke with Elder Seth here in the temple of São Paulo and I realize that that boy left the MTC a few weeks is another person's voice is different and understand speech in Portuguese, and a unique feature, humility, good boy he is. Today he is the district it will have lunch at a steakhouse as Farewell group. He is commanded memories and hugs to all.

Paulo Bergoc

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