Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Bom Dia,
Well this week was way different than all the others I have had in the mission field, because I wasn't actually in prison. The CTM was a good experience but I'm happy to be out of there. Well I finally figured out that my apartment does have hot water which is good. You change the temperature on the shower head. I made the mistake of trying to change it while I was showering. Big mistake, the moment I flicked the switch I felt the electrical current go through me. Didn't feel that good I promise you. The good news is that will be the first and last time I do that.
Since my Portuguese right now isn't the best its hard for me to understand people who talk really fast with a different accent.  I have mastered this technique where I mirror the face of the person and throw a yes I'm there to act like I understand them. Well I was at this members how and this lady was talking to me for a good 20 minutes and I thought I was playing if off pretty good considering I didn't understand a single word she was saying until she made her daughter go buy us all ice cream and then she dragged me into the bathroom and was putting this lotion stuff on my face. My companion was laughing his head off. I strategy back fired on me.
This one day we were lucky to help this member get ready for his wedding. The poor guy was planning most of it by himself and he was clearly bugging out. But its really cool how the entire church help each other out. Half of the ward was there sacrificing there time and money for this kid. He invited us to the wedding and it was pretty interesting. Its kind of similar to a American wedding but I'm not sure because we have to leave at 9.
One of my favorite parts of the mission is members. they are literally the best people ever. They understand that its not easy to leave everything in your life for 2 years to serve the Lord. They have so much love and respect for the missionaries. The language is really tough, trust me. but with the support of the Elders, members, and the love I feel from God I don´t need to me frustrated because I know I'm doing the right thing.

When ever I'm feeling down I turn to the scriptures they always pick me up and keep me going.  `` And I will also ease the burdens which are put on your shoulders, that ever you cannot feel them upon your backs, and this I will do that ye may stand as a witnesses for me`` Mosiah 24  14

My new address is
Elder Seth
Brazil Brasilia Mission
Shin CA 05
LOTE B1 Salas 304/307 Brasilia
71503-505 DF, CEP-DF

Its crazy of different life is down here.I can`t wait to be fluent and experience this a better level. Miss you guys. hope all is well

Com Amor,

Elder Seth

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