Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

    I want to start out by talking about public enemy number one here in Jardim Ingá. That is the heat. This one day got up to 38 C. I have no idea what that is in F, but I'm pretty sure its in the high 90s. For lunch one day we had to go eat at this member house who lives 50 minutes away by foot. It was pretty rough at high noon in shirt, tie, black pants, and dress shoes. But what I didn't know what that this member owned a restaurant. Although the walk was torture, it was so worth it. The best food I have had in Brazil, with fresh juice. I was true grateful for this experience. Put in the work get the reward.
   A few days ago I witnessed a biker getting drilled by a car. The guy was fine and the car honked at him to get out of the way. This made me think back to the New Canaan bikers that act like they own the roads. Good thing people in the states don't just hit a biker because there in the way.
   I love walking up and hearing people describe my sleep walking events from the night before, (in Portuguese) Its always a good laugh and a good way to start the day. One night they said I jumped out of my bed and starting playing lacrosse. Another night they said I was trying to break out. Good thing we have steal bars and all the windows and doors. Looks like there not only to keep people out but the keep people in.
   My companion and I are both new to this area so its been talking us some time to get use to this area. Its hard because the city were staying in was very poorly planned, that's a fact. But were getting use to it. We just try to work, work, work. Our goal is to get 100 contacts a week. Its a lot and only happens if you working hard.
   The language is coming, slowly but surely. Learning new words and phrases everyday. I've come to realize that its not going to come all at once. But the harder I try to memorize stuff the faster I will learn.
  I've also tried a lot harder to listen to the spirit and then act on what I've heard. This one day we were waiting at a members house to teach and investigator, I felt prompted to go talk to people on the street. The first people we talked to were really interested and asked us to come inside to teach them. When the spirit talks to you its really easy to miss it, so act when you get the prompting.
   I am really nervous  to talk to people because my Portuguese is rough. But my companion always pushes me. He told me that I was going to ask this person to be baptized and I just laughed at him. Then when the time came he stopped talking. It was a awkward silence for 30 seconds. Then I did it. I wasn't sure how it went until she said yes. Crazy right. 7 weeks in Brazil and I'm able to do that. Dom De lingues é verdeiro. (the gift of tongues)
  Well this is getting a little to long and times running short. I miss home a ton but there's work I need to do here. I love the members here, they are all like my parents and friends.

my address
Elder Seth
Brazil Brasilia Misson
Shin CA 05
LOTE B1 Salas 304/307, Brasilia
71503-505 DF, CEP-DF

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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