Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014


A lot has change here in the Mission this past week. We had a Zone conference where were briefed on how the mission was going to go. First off, I will only have 1 hour to email so sorry if I can´t write to everyone individually.(looks like ill be sending a few more handwritten letter). Also for Christmas and Mothers Day I can only talk to you guys for 45 mins. I don't know why President changed this rules and I don´t really care to ask because he is clearly doing it for a reason. Anything he says goes, he has received revaluation that this will make our mission better, that's all I need to know. One rule that was put in place by the Area 70 was that no Missionary can play Soccer or basketball. Now this made President and I very sad because He loves to play sport with the Missionaries.(I love anything competitive) There goes my dream of play soccer with Neymar in Europe, ohh well life goes on. On the bright side all the missionaries are all getting on a bus on the 17th to a Mission Christmas Event in Brasilia, thats going to be so much fun to see all the Elders at once.
   About this past week. I don´t even know where it went it flew by so fast. For the first 2 Days I was with Elder Patternson. For those who don't know he has the exact same time as me on the mission. And we were comps in the CTM. It was great to be reunited with him and to relive the glory days. But it was pretty difficult because you didn´t have an experienced Elder to just come in and save you. Those 2 days were difficult at times but it really help the both of us to learn to be on our own and it showed how important it is to speak good Portuguese.
   The other half of the week was crazy. Elder Sales is by far the best missionary I have meet on the mission so far. I'm so blessed to have him as my comp. One experience we had was we were walk and pass this couple, we said Tudo Bem. Then 30 seconds later Elder Sales just takes off running after them. He felt the spirit and acted on it. This couple is super elect, they loved the lesson we taught them. I have faith that they will get baptized with a few other amazing people we are teaching. Only the husband came to church this sunday because his wife is pre pregnant.(she's coming next week tho)
  I just want to talk about the love iv grown for Brazil. Love the people with all my heart, they have some thing that is so different from Americans that I just love. They are all super patience, easy going, and kind. I'm so blessed to be serving here for 2 years. Someone told me that I was already 1/7 done with my mission. Made me so sad because time does fly so fast in life. I just hope I can make it count.
  This past Sunday Bishop got up and said We will now hear from our new Elders. Elder Seth and Elder Sales. Well that didn´t go so hot because I wasn't planning on giving a talk in front of everyone in Portuguese. But it wasn't that bad shared a scripture and a story and was soaked in sweat since I was so nervous.
  My comp is amazing and he made me eat A├žai pure, with meat. Very strange combination but I liked it alot. This stuff is so good but when its pure it dies your teeth for a day. I brushed them 3 times before going to bed . Woke up and still a light shade of purple. Its finally gone.
   These changes are going to be hard because I love talking to all of you but I know that it will benefit me in the long run to get more focus and lost in the work of the Lord. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Shout out the to New Canaan Football Team. Take FCIAC Boys

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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