Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Well we just had our thanksgiving here in Brazil. It was awesome. Thanks fam for sending everything down. We were able to cook all the food at a members house and share a little bit of America Culture. They loved it, especially the pies. And of course the Americans enjoyed it at as well.
  This week my Comp gave me alot more responsibility. He said he want me to learn to be the best missionary ever. Então, He makes me carry the cellphone around everywhere. If someone calls I have to answer and give them a solution.(he is the zone leader) Its really have because understanding someone over the phone in Portuguese is hard. He also makes me write all the teaching records. Lastly I have to act like the Zone leader that listen to the District leaders reports and give them advise. But its really helping me think and learn.
  This week I learn the importance of the Bible and the Book of Mormon together. When I was younger I knew the stories in the bible but never really studied it. Now being in Brasil you need to know the Bible because everyone here reads it alot. By know the Bible you can relate stories they know and connect them to Book of Mormon, letting people know its the word of God as well.
   We found a bunch of new investigators this week. Lessons were great and we marked a bunch of dates. There is just one problem, getting them to church. Its super hard to get people to church on a Sunday at 8:30. Also I know that Satan works that much harder to get people to do something other than going to church. There is 1000 ways not to go to church, But only on way to go to church.
   Since its super hot here and I don´t want to get skin cancer or look like a raisin when I'm older I thought it would be smart to put sunblock on for one of the first times in my life. The problem was that the sweat washed the sunblock from my face into my eyes. It burns to say the least. My comp have never had this problem because he used an umbrella all day, yep, here it is so hot that alot of men use umbrellas to walk around. I might have to compromise my past morals and use an umbrella.
  That last two days its have been raining really hard but we still work regardless. My comp have holes on the bottom of his shoes so his feet are always wet. I tried to give him a pair of my shoes but my feet are twice the size. So we glued this plastic thing on the bottom for now. Hopefully it holds up for Christmas;).
   Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did down here in Brazil. Only got 6 weeks with my comp then he goes home. Gotta make it count for him. Vamos Batizar até o pó
Com Amor,
Elder Seth


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