Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2104-

This week started off pretty hard. Head down to Brasilia on the bus was a little hard for me. Lets just say that here in Brazil buses aren´t made for 6´4 white kids. Also the fact that I get car sick super easy doesn´t help. I was feeling super car sick and I only got a few hours of sleep. We were all really tired but when we finally arrived in Brasilia it was amazing.
    For the first time in 1 year every single missionary was together. I got to see all of my friends from my other areas and just see how they were doing. Then we got to watch the one non church movie were allowed watched every year! It was frozen! Unfortunately I fell asleep because I was so tired but its ok because iv already seen it 50 times with my niece Ellie and memorized every single word.
    I love my President, he is literally the best. We think so similar. He gave the entire mission training that can change this mission for the better. It was about how we need to use our time better and that we need plan out our day. I know that if the entire mission applies this we could easily double or triple our results.
   Lastly we had a Christmas feast. They have roasted turkey(here in Brazil is really expensive) potatoes, stuffing, and every type of fruit. It was such a great feeling to just relax with some really great Elders and eat amazing food. I drank up the feeling to say the least because that same day we hopped on the bus to journey back to our area. But the ride back was way better because I literally just passed out of exhaustion.
    Its truly a mystery how God works. You never know WHEN things will happen, HOW they will happen, or WHY they happen. A member told us they had a friend he wanted us to teach. We showed up and she wasn´t there. But we ended up teaching her sister and now she is wanted to get baptized. We your obedient and working hard you get miracles like this. Things like this make the mission so special.
   This week I got really frustrated with the language because I want to be fluent. I want to talk without a ascent. Because I know that I can be doing so much more if I could express my thoughts and desires like I could in English. Then I realized its not going to just happen over night. The only thing I can really do I just study, study and practice. Its an endurance thing. Something I learned in playing sports and running sprints. Nobody cares how you start off, its all about how you finish.
   Thank you so much mom and dad for the Christmas box. It was amazing to get some goods from America. But I'm more grateful for the stuff you gave my comp. He has never had nice things like you guys gave him. He was super grateful.
   I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!! Feliz Natal to everyone from Brasil.
   Its not easy being away from my family and friends for Christmas for the first time in my life but without a doubt in my heart I know this is exactly where I need to be. Not only to help others come unto Christ but to make me a better person.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Doing service for a investigator(yes I'm sweating a lot) Then they made us a lunch of grilled fish

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