Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Wooow, my first Christmas not being with my Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brother. Not going to lie it was a different, but I would be lying if I didn't say I loved every second of it. This was one the first Christmas where I wasn´t worried about what gifts I would receive or what gifts I had to buy to give to other people. This Christmas I was able to think about the true meaning of Christmas. I know everyone has heard people say ´´the true mean of Christmas isn't about presents, its about the Birth of Jesus Christ.´´ Sure I knew this but there is a huge difference between knowing and feeling. This Christmas I was able to truly feel the spirit of Christmas and have a experience I will never forget.
   I was able to read some talks that taught me something I never really understood. ´´that the most memorable Christmases can be those that are the most humble.´´ Not only being super far away from my life before my mission made me feel this, but also seeing the humble people I'm living with everyday. Visiting the houses of investigators and members I was given the opportunity to see the spirit of Christmas very strong. At some of the house the kids had receive maybe one present. But I never saw a single one of them frowning, of course everyone one was beaming! They were just grateful that there Mom and Dad had a received a day off for work. Its so true, sure receiving presents is great, but with out being with the ones you love its just an object. I wish I would have learned this concept many years ago. But one thing I know is that I will always cherish the time I have with my family because when its all said and done nothing else matters.
    Now about my comp. First off thank you Family (Steven, Christine, and Bryant family) for all the goods that you guys sent. My comp got a little emotional and I asked him why. He said because he has never had a real Christmas like this. One thing that really stuck with me that he said was ´´that it wasn´t the actually things he had received. It was the fact that people he has never met, seen or talked to were willing to make the sacrifice to give him these things.´´ I want to thank everyone who helped to make this Christmas so special for him. Little acts of kindness do make big different in lives of others.
   Lastly, It was Elder Sales' last Talk this Sunday. It was super powerful and spiritual. It was about the one thing the makes our Religion different from every other religion in the World. The Book Of Mormon. I won´t even attempt to describe what I heard or felt because I would ruin it. But really it was exactly what everyone needed to hear, the members, our investigators and especially me. The power in the voice and how he spoke without a doubt as created a huge example for me. I hope and pray that one day I can speak with the power that he did. I'm sad he is leaving, the past few months were the greatest days I've had on my mission. The things I learned from him are unforgettable and will always stay with me.
   I'm serving a mission because I have a mission. A mission to serve the people of Brasil and to bring them the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I loving it down here.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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